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Uptown State Assembly Candidate Releases Policy Platform

Carmen De La Rosa a candidate for the 72nd Assembly District released her policy platform on Tuesday to let voters know where she stands on the issues. The 72nd District spans Washington Heights, Inwood and Marble Hill....

Exclusiva: Carmen De La Rosa comparte su plataforma

“Las mujeres entendemos los problemas de familia”, dijo la candidata que en dos semanas se enfrenta contra el asambleísta Guillermo Linares, quien es uno de los 6 demócratas en la Asamblea Estatal que no ha pasado una legislación este año.....

AD-72: De La Rosa Gets Nods From PAC, Mark-Viverito

WASHINGTON HEIGHTS-INWOOD, NY — New York State Assembly primary elections are less than a month away, and the challenger in the 72nd District — representing Uptown — picked up a major endorsement Tuesday.“
As a mother of a young daughter, I will fight for our children and ensure strict accountability measures are established to punish past and future child abusers. We must enhance the rights of those whose experiences have left deep scars throughout their lives, enabling them to pursue the justice they deserve.”...

City Council Speaker Endorses Uptown State Assembly Candidate

"Carmen De La Rosa has demonstrated outstanding leadership throughout her career at the council, leading to major legislative accomplishments," Mark-Viverito said in a press release. "We need more women of color in positions of leadership and I can think of few more capable than Carmen. Her experience, energy and fresh perspective will benefit upper Manhattan residents tremendously and I am proud to endorse her candidacy for [New York State] Assembly."...

Carmen De La Rosa launches candidacy for uptown Assembly seat

"This candidacy is about bringing a new, progressive voice to Albany, strengthening the representation of women in our uptown community and throughout our state," said Carmen De La Rosa...

Councilman Ydanis Rodriguez's Chief of Staff Running for State Assembly

Carmen De La Rosa, who announced her candidacy Thursday for the 72nd District seat, described herself as a born-and-bred Inwood resident who recognizes the "plight that so many working families uptown face."...

Democratic Election for NYS Assembly-72nd District starts in:

About Carmen De La Rosa


Carmen De La Rosa is a young mother of a daughter entering pre-school, a career public servant and a resident of northern Manhattan deeply committed to serving her community. She was born in the Dominican Republic and immigrated to the Inwood section of New York City as a child. She attended elementary and middle school at St. Jude's School, before going to High School at Mother Cabrini on Fort Washington Avenue. She was proudly the first person in her family to attend college, graduating from Fordham University with a degree in Political Science and a certification in Peace and Justice studies. After rising through the ranks in state and local elected officials, Carmen was appointed Chief of Staff to Council Member Rodriguez in 2014, representing the communities of Inwood, Washington Heights and Marble Hill. In this capacity, Carmen managed the daily operations, strategy and focus of both the Legislative and Community Offices. She played an instrumental role in the passage of nearly a dozen bills related to Mayor Bill de Blasio's Vision Zero initiative, among other notable legislative accomplishments. In managing the office's discretionary budget, she worked to support countless neighborhood institutions, from senior centers, to after school programs, to social service providers, ensuring local non-profits received crucial funding.

Carmen has gained a firm understanding of the true needs of the uptown community and how to address them, through legislative action; smart, progressive budgeting; fierce advocacy; and community organizing. Carmen has taken a laser focus to serving the high needs of lower-income and disadvantaged communities. In 2007, she began working for the NYS Assembly where her passion for government and politics was sparked. Working with communities on the Upper West Side to improve senior care, fight co-locations in local schools and preserve affordable housing. It was here she learned the functions of a state Assembly office. As a lifelong activist, Carmen is passionate about using government as a tool for social change and a vehicle to empower and support communities. In September 2015, Carmen successfully ran and was elected as a Democratic District Leader for the 72nd Assembly District. This past May, Carmen completed the Coro Leadership Institute- New York. She is a candidate for the New York State Assembly 72nd District. A lifelong resident of Inwood, Carmen resides on the same street she was raised, with her fiance Jose and two-year- old daughter, Mia.

Carmen Policy Agenda...

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Housing Responsibly:

Preserve Our Existing Affordable Housing Stock, Build New Affordable
Washington Heights, Inwood and Marble Hill are under attack by speculators, slumlords and the real estate industry, putting our hard working residents at risk. As your next Assembly Woman, Carmen will fight back against gentrification and rising rents.

Carmen take a focus to:

  • Passing stricter rent regulations to preserve the large stock of regulated apartments in Northern Manhattan;
  • Restore rent stabilized and controlled apartments lost to vacancy decontrol and eliminate this practice so that rent stabilized are maintained permanently;
  • Increasing the point at which apartments can leave regulation;
  • Lowering rent increases allowable for Major Capital Improvements;
  • Changing the way Area Median Income is calculated, based on only New York City, as opposed to the surrounding suburbs;
  • Requiring accurate rent histories for every apartment before new tenants move in;
  • Preventing the warehousing of apartments in buildings where landlords are waiting for the market to rise before allowing new tenants in.
  • Fighting to ensure any new buildings developed in Northern Manhattan provide real affordability to existing tenants and are respectful to the existing building scale.
  • Working to make the preferential rent operate as the legal rent, so that it cannot be raised rapidly at a landlord’s discretion;
  • Reestablish the rights of succession for extended family members so that those living in an apartment for years are not forced out upon death of a loved one.
  • Fighting for adequate funding for NYCHA buildings, making sure needed repairs are made and developments are safe from crime;
  • Improving Education:

    Parents in the neighborhood need to feel confident that our local schools are providing a quality education to our children. As a mother of a young child getting ready to start Pre-K, Carmen has a personal stake in this effort, and believes every child should be given the education to excel.

    Carmen will fight:
  • To Ensure schools are fully funded and are in good repair, by finally securing the over $2 billion in funds owed to New York City through the Campaign for Fiscal Equity lawsuit;
  • To have challenging curriculums and quality dual-language programs, helping to bridge cultural barriers and support incoming immigrants in the neighborhood;
  • To make schools take a focus to Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math (STEAM) education, to prepare our students for more challenging material in middle and high schools, as well as high-paying careers, particularly for girls, who are underrepresented in these professions.
  • To ensure students are receiving quality Pre-K education, including pre-natal education, infant education and support well before they enter Kindergarten. The US is far behind other developed countries in educating our youth prior to elementary school and Carmen wants to make New York State a model for these programs nationwide;
  • To ensure schools provide quality after school programs highlighting the arts, athletics and supplemental education, so that students are learning and engaging even out of the classroom.
  • To finally pass the DREAM Act in Albany so that our undocumented students have greater access to public college and universities.
  • To ensure that CUNY and SUNY schools are fully funded, securing these pathways to the middle class remain affordable to families of our community.
  • Protect and enhance women’s rights:

    As the only woman running for the 72nd Assembly District, Carmen is the only candidate who will prioritize policies for justice and equality in the workplace and fight for economic justice and reproductive rights for women. Carmen has a history of working on these issues, helping the City Council pass a resolution to remove taxes on female sanitary products, as well as to increase access to these products in schools, prisons and more.

    Carmen will prioritize:
  • Reproductive Rights, so that access to reproductive healthcare is secure and never infringed upon;
  • Equal Pay for Equal Work, because 77 cents on the dollar—and as low as 54 cents for Latinas and women of color—is unacceptable in 2016;
  • End Pregnancy Discrimination in the Work Place; so that women never have to worry about their job, hours or pay when deciding to plan a family;
  • Fight Sexual Harassment in the Work Place, putting in place stricter laws to end this abusive practice;
  • Support Victims of Domestic Violence and Enhance Prevention Services, so that women and girls in Northern Manhattan, an area with one of the highest rates of domestic violence in the city, is prioritized in funding decisions and has the support necessary to end this scourge
  • Criminal Justice Reform:

    Leading the office of Council Member Rodriguez’s efforts to end stop and frisk in New York City, Carmen has a distinct understanding of how to make change in the criminal justice system. She will take aim at policies that disproportionately target Black and Latino youth, and ensure our valued police officers have the training and cultural competencies to engage the community in a productive way.

    Carmen will work to:
  • Support Governor Cuomo’s efforts to raise the age of criminality to 18, so that 16- and 17-year olds are tried in family court instead of criminal court;
  • Support overburdened public defenders so that persons unable to pay for lawyers can receive the attention their cases deserve;
  • Reaffirm the right to a speedy trial, so that anyone arrested is charged and tried quickly, instead of being forced to sit in a jail if they cannot afford bail, preventing cases like Khalif Browder’s;
  • Support NYC Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito’s efforts to close Riker’s Island, where inmate abuse is rampant and accountability is severely lacking. A downsizing of the city’s prison
  • system could provide stronger accountability;
  • Support alternatives to incarceration programs, so that young persons are not thrown into the prison system and can course correct in a productive way;
  • Focus state resources on our youth, strengthening community development programs and making sure our kids have suitable activities to prevent them from hanging out on the streets with nothing to do.
  • Ensuring Safe, Beautiful Streets and Parks Uptown:

    Quality of life uptown is a prime focus of Carmen’s, a lifelong resident of the Inwood community. Carmen knows what it takes to ensure our parks and streets are safe, clean and beautiful.

    As your Assembly Woman, Carmen’s quality of life agenda will include:
  • Working with City officials to secure funding to support our local parks with additional safety officers, cleanup crews and capital dollars for major projects;
  • Supporting the Vision Zero initiative she played a role in developing, with additional dollars at the state level for intersection redesigns, and fighting to close the “drunk driver loophole” that incentivizes drunk hit and run drivers to flee the scenes of crashes;
  • Support the City’s efforts to franchise private waste carriers, lowering the number of private garbage trucks on our streets, roaming the neighborhood at high speeds;
  • Work with local institutions and service providers to put together street clean up days;
  • Work with the City to support dedicated locations for street vending in Washington Heights and
  • Inwood, freeing up sidewalk space on commercial corridors;
  • Supporting our Mom and Pop Shops from Corporate Chains

    Just as our people are under threat from gentrification, our small businesses are facing the same pressures. Corporate chains are moving into our neighborhood, rents are rising for our long time small mom and pop shops with little relief.

    Carmen has a history of supporting small businesses in the City Council and will:
  • Work to support efforts for rent regulations for longtime businesses, so that those serving our community for generations are not forced out;
  • Keep Walmart out of New York City;
  • Support efforts to create small business development grants and enhance funding to our local
  • Business Improvement District and local chambers of commerce;
  • Continue advocating for the Small Business Jobs Survival Act at the local level to ensure small businesses have a chance at settling with landlords as rents continue to rise.
  • Environmental Protection:

    With climate change already playing a serious role on New York, we need to be taking a serious focus to utilizing sustainable energy sources and lowering our reliance on fossil fuels.

    To prevent against continued environmental degradation, Carmen will:
  • Maintain the ban on fracking in New York State to protect communities upstate, as well as New York City’s water supply;
  • Reduce reliance on car usage in New York City through funding expansions and improvements of public transit;
  • Support efforts to reduce emissions from city buildings, which account for the largest percentage of emissions, through retrofitting and use of more energy efficient technologies;
  • Protect New York’s natural areas, both upstate and in New York City, by promoting conservation efforts of land and wildlife across the state;
  • Supporting Uptown's LGBTQ Community:

    Carmen has long stood behind the LGBTQ community in northern Manhattan, recently assisting efforts to start an LGBTQ task force through Community Board 12. During her time in Assembly Member O’Donnell’s office, she supported efforts to pass marriage equality in New York State. She has earned the support of both the Stonewall Democratic Club of NYC and the Jim Owles Democratic Club, two of the largest LGBTQ-focused political clubs in the city.

    As uptown's representative in the Assembly, Carmen will:
  • Ensure that members of the Uptown LGBTQ community have full and fair access to resources that contribute to their health and well-being;
  • Identify unmet needs and services for the LGBTQ community in Inwood Washington Heights and Marble Hill;
  • Fight to end discrimination of members of the LGBTQ community not only uptown but across the state;
  • Develop support networks and services for LGBTQ youth, to provide a safe and supportive environment uptown;
  • Ensure services across the state are easily accessible and equitable to gender-nonconforming or trans-persons.
  • Be social!